PRESS RELEASE March 9, 2017

Funding support for Conservation and Restoration of Iconic Louis Kahn Infrastructure at IIMA Heritage campus

March 9, 2017 | Ahmedabad: About five decades ago, the renowned American architect Louis Kahn translated education philosophy into infrastructure when he assumed responsibility of building IIMA’s infrastructure. Generations of students since then have been inspired by the spaces to reflect, deliberate, break the mould, and free the spirit. These buildings have witnessed generations of academic life on campus and withstood Gujarat Earthquake. The grandeur of the Louis Kahn Campus infrastructure leaves the visitors to campus awestruck. But age has taken its toll, requiring conservation and restoration on priority.

For the first time in its history, IIMA invites its Alumni and Corporates to become part of our Heritage Campus by contributing to its conservation and restoration.

Government of India has recognized conservation and restoration of IIMA's iconic Louis Kahn Campus buildings as an important task and contributions for this are covered within the ambit of CSR in the Companies Act 2013 under "protection of national heritage, art and culture, including restoration of sights of historical importance as well as promoting education."

IIMA has recently received significant funding from individual Alumni and Alumni batches to support conservation and restoration of dorms, classrooms, and other infrastructure. We had already announced to Media last year the TCS–IIMA partnership for restoration and upgradation of Vikram Sarabhai Library at IIMA, supported by an INR 20 crore funding by TCS Foundation.

Dorm D1 is being renamed the "D-1 Professor Kamla Chowdhury Dorm" in memory of a founding faculty of the Institute, with funding support of INR 3.5 Crores by individual Alum. Classroom 3 is being renamed "CR-3: Professor Labdhi Bhandari Classroom" in the memory of our distinguished faculty member, with financial support of INR 2.5 Crores also contributed by one of our Alumnus.

Classroom 4 is being renamed "CR 4: 1992 Batch Classroom," supported by INR 2.5 Crores contribution by the Silver Jubilee Reunion batch last December. The 1992 batch representative Mr. Birendra Baid said, "The time we spent at IIMA was among the best years of our lives. IIMA has given us much more than just an MBA degree –it is here we made lifelong friends, developed our personalities, and gained life skills that allowed us to pursue our careers with confidence. Giving back to the alma mater was always one of the top items on our agenda when we started planning our Silver Jubilee Reunion that was held in December 2016. We were fortunate that around the same time IIMA was embarking on a comprehensive restoration project for the Heritage Campus. The Batch of '92 is delighted to have contributed towards restoration of one of the Classrooms where we studied 25 years ago."

Tower Lawn opposite Louis Kahn Plaza is being conserved and upgraded with funding support of INR 1 Crore by the 1995 batch that came for their reunion on campus in December 2015. The 1995 batch coordinator Mr. Rahul Phondke said, "It was a small gesture from the batch reflecting our collective recognition of the fact that we all owe a significant part of our careers, lives and relationships to the Institute and no amount of financial contributions can really pay back the emotional debt which we owe to the Institute."

Ms. Susan Macdonald, Head – Buildings and Sites, the Getty Conservation Institute added, "After some 50 years, Louis Kahn's magnificent IIM complex still has the ability to inspire and move the human spirit. Inevitably, it is now suffering many of the conservation challenges typical of many great architectural works of the modern era. It is to be commended that IIM has commenced a careful and thorough program of work that seeks to understand these challenges and develop conservation approaches to sustain Kahn's great work over the next 50 years."

"I am touched by these gestures and thankful to our Alumni for the love and care that they have for the Institute. The strong commitment of IIMA alumni to the Institute will enable us to pursue excellence in teaching, research, and infrastructure and educate future generations of leaders," said Prof. Ashish Nanda, Director IIMA.

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