Third YAAA concluded with gusto

June 22, 2017 | Ahmedabad: The Third IIMA “Young Alumni Achiever’s Awards were presented today to seven formidable Alumni. The awards, started in 2015, are given to alumni under the age of 45, to recognize outstanding achievements in various areas of work.

"IIMA is recognizing contributions of eight of our young alumni, who have demonstrated leadership in a range of fields, spanning corporate, entrepreneurial, and public service contributions. These eight are representative of our numerous other alumni that are contributing as leaders and change agents in their organizations and communities. I am hopeful that the work done by these, and other alumni, motivates our students to contribute to society in meaningful ways." said Prof. Ashish Nanda, Director, IIMA.

This year's awards were given in three different Categories. As CORPORATE LEADERS three alumni were recognized:

  1. Mr. Rahul Agarwal, PGP batch of 1996, currently the MD & CEO of Lenovo India;
  2. Mr. Sudhir Sitapati, PGP batch of 1999, currently Executive Director and CCVP, Refreshments, South Asia and Africa, Hindustan Unilever Ltd; and
  3. Ms. Tulsi Naidu, (PGP batch of 1996, CEO. Zurich Insurance Company, UK.

Through these awards the Institute recognizes and celebrates the achievements of our alumni who have made significant contributions in their workspaces fairly early in their careers. Every year, I get pleasantly surprised by the range and depth of the contributions our alumni have made. They have really made us proud," said Prof Rakesh Basant, Dean, Alumni and External Relations.

Ms. Sucharita Mukherjee, PGP batch of 2001, Founder and CEO, IFMR Trust and Mr. Yashish Dahiya, PGP 1996, Co – founder & CEO, PolicyBazaar were awarded for their achievements as an ENTREPRENEUR.

The third category of honor was PUBLIC SERVICE, for which Mr. Kartikeya Misra, PGP Batch 2004, Collector and District Magistrate, East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh and Mr. Rohan Chand Thakur, PGP batch of 2006, Deputy Commissioner, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, were awarded.

The Alumni addressed the following queries:

1) How did IIMA help you to pursue your dream?
2) What does this award mean to you?


"IIMA instilled in me a sense of competitiveness, an appreciation for rigour & clear thinking and a habit of hard work & detailing that I wasn't used to earlier. While there is a lot that u learn on the job, especially about people management, about execution & about being pragmatic, the foundation that was laid there has been instrumental in my entire career. It would be unfair if one doesn't mention the instant credibility that one gets with the IIMA brand which aids u in many ways. Getting into a prestigious place like IIMA itself gives you the conviction that u can go for the moon and that shaped whatever goals I put for myself.
I feel humbled with this award. I really think that there are many other alumnus members who deserve it more than me. It's an honor that I never expected and I thank the Institute immensely for it. In my own way, I feel I haven't achieved a lot and this will perhaps push me to work harder in the years to come."

"IIMA through its focus on problem definition and case studies triggered my love for marketing. I joined IIMA thinking I'd be a finance guy but left sure that I want to be a marketer.
It's wonderful to be recognized by one's alma mater, but also a message to young MBA's that being in one solid, old world company like HUL may not be a bad idea in the long term."

"I am very humbled by this award. I joined IIMA as a 19 year old and being offered a place felt like a great achievement then. Now looking back, I didn't really appreciate how much those years were going to shape my life - the inspirational setting of the campus, studying alongside some of the cleverest people anywhere, meeting my husband and making other great friendships for life and the early job opportunities from placement providing a platform to a challenging and very rewarding career over time. Thank you IIMA."



"IIM A helped me appreciate the centrality of hard work, courage, detail and humility in any endeavour. Campus has played a very important role in shaping me as a professional.
Feeling honoured and privileged, I hope to live up to the expectations which this award brings with itself.

"IIMA is the place where I got real confidence. It made me realise how good the best were, and that I could benchmark myself against the best. It has given me a set of skills which are transferable and are relevant to any situation in life"
This award means a lot to me - it is like a shishya getting recognition from his guru. A guru with no biases who feels that the shishya has lived upto his expectations. There is no bigger recognition than this.



"I hope I am able to inspire many young people to pursue their true dreams. Don't look at IIMA only as a platform to earn the maximum compensation. Compensation is not a great way to measure your worth, and you will likely never win that race.
I hope I will set an example that following your dreams, being an idealist is fine. If you feel like you might be an idealist, you are not strange or stupid, in fact think of it as a gift, you will likely change the world.
The principle of obliquity is an important one, if we serve our internal mission well, whether it is serving the best coffee or designing the most suitable financial solutions for people, be true to your mission, do it as well as you can, and the money will follow. The most successful companies have generally been the mission obsessed ones and not the profit obsessed ones.
This award is a great way to pass on this important message to the young students here who will no doubt build the India of tomorrow."

"IIMA gave me a set of friends and a very privileged network for life, along with the most respected brand name which made hundreds of things much easier than they would be otherwise.
The award means a lot primarily because one me nominated by other alumni, and being selected from within such an esteemed group is just humbling. Also I would like more people to be entrepreneurs and hope to inspire them."

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